Given my (unsought) propension to collaborate in the flesh with people who lives many kilometers away from me, TOMZACK looks like a (il)logical step: a band of German guys based in Germany (in the Rhine zone) of which I was the only non-German member. But there’s an explanation even for the more bizarre things.

In 2006 my band SCHWARZ recorded an album in Troisdorf, near Cologne, at Guido Lucas’ studio BluBox (he was also running the label Blunoise). I had met Guido when Schwarz toured Germany and Switzerland as the opening act for the band he played bass in back then, Scumbucket. We became good friends and since moment zero started to think of ways of making something together. And one day of 2009, he presented me an idea based on an obscure krautrock project from the 70s called Liliental. This project consisted of several musicians (Dieter Moebius, Asmus Tietchens and Conny Plank among them) reunited in a recording studio with the commitment of writing and recording an entire album, which they did.

With this idea in mind and my unreserved ok, Guido was in charge of recruiting the band. He wanted to have two drummers (maybe because Amon Düül II, who knows), so he called Jens Küchenthal (from Damo Suzuki’s band) and Jörg Schneider (also in Nicoffeine and a zillion more bands), although Jörg left after the first session due to “creative differences” and we remained with just one drummer. Guitar duties, apart from me, were given to Georg Brenner from Urlaub in Polen. He also did all the singing (not too much), as I stated clearly that I loathe singing. Guido played bass and the last addition, decided a couple of days before the session started, was Damo Suzuki, who, aware that some musicians were about to record an album in his area completely out of the blue, without even knowing each other previously (I only knew Guido), wanted to be part of it.

The first thing we decided after meeting at the studio was that we would made an album of proper songs, not jams. And the means to get there were… jamming. We improvised day and night for two days, recording everything. After that, we listened carefully to all the material and selected small bits, sometimes just a 20 seconds riff from a 45 minutes jam. And from those bits we started to build the songs. It worked pretty well. Damo left after the jamming days and his input appears briefly in the album as a sort of hommage.

We finally managed to write and record the whole album in one week, as planned. But the mixing had to be done at a later stage, and it was Guido’s responsability. I was already back in Spain.

The album, titled “Für Ihn Gab Es Nirgends Ein Grab Mit Blumen” (obviously not my title) was released in 2010 by Blunoise Records. By the way, the name of the band was also Guido’s idea: it’s the name of a character that appears briefly in Robert Walser’s “The Walk”.

TOMZACK were able to play just one gig: it was in my hometown, Murcia, at the venue 12ymedio.