I met JOCHEN ARBEIT, guitar player of the well known German band Einstürzende Neubauten, at a party. What better place to meet interesting people? He was in Murcia to put music to a dance performance in a theater of the city. We had a good conversation and realized that we shared a “vision of music and life in general” (his words). So we agreed to go to my rehearsal room the following days to see if something musically interesting happened. We improvised for a couple of days, he recorded everything in his laptop and went back to Germany. It was June 2009.

Four months later he came back for a residency in Blanca, a town 30 kms away from the city, and we did agree to make a second session. Again he recorded all the stuff and returned to Deutschland with the purpose of mixing and editing the material. The result were two very limited CD-Rs, one for every session, called “Malas tierras 1” and “Malas tierras 2”, meaning “Badlands”, a term that refers to a very peculiar desert landscape we have in the region. Jochen also wanted the pieces to be named after different places in the area, so all the titles are actual places including the neighbourhood I live in and the typical wine grape of the region (and my favourite, of course). Of the 2 CDs, I think the 1st one is vastly superior. Of course, all the music was spur of the moment.

We played live just once, at AADK, a cultural center in Blanca.




With Jochen Arbeit